New County Records and Other Data Since 1996

Ambystoma texanum (Matthes) - Small-mouthed Salamander

Ambystoma barbouri Kraus and Petranka - Streamside Salamander

Since publication of Atlas of Amphibians in Tennessee (Redmond, W. H. and A. F. Scott. 1996. The Center for Field Biology, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN. 94 pp.), several applicable taxonomic and nomenclatural changes and numerous reports of new county records have appeared in the literature. Comments, accompanied by cited references, on the taxonomic and nomenclatural changes plus bibliographical information on new county records as they pertain to A. texanum follow:

Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Changes

Since the Atlas of Amphibians in Tennessee was published in 1996, the specimens originally identified and reported as A. texanum from Davidson and Jackson counties have been determined, along with another recently discovered specimen from Rutherford County, to be A. barbouri (Streamside Salamander), which is a new species for the state (Scott et al. 1997). Therefore, dots in Davidson and Jackson counties on the A. texanum distribution map should be deleted and another map created for A. barbouri with dots in Davidson, Jackson, and Rutherford counties.

Literature Cited:

Scott, A. F., B. T. Miller, M. Brown, J. W. Petranka. 1997. Geographic distribution: Ambystoma barbouri. Herpetol. Rev. 28:155.

New County Records for Ambystoma texanum

Coffee County 

Miller, B. T., J. W. Lamb, and J. L. Miller.  2005. The herpetofauna of Arnold Air Force Base in the barrens of South-Central Tennessee.  Southeastern Naturalist 4:51-62.

New County Records for Ambystoma barbouri

Bedford, Marshall and Trousdale counties

Miller, B. T. 2011. Streamside Salamander. Pp. 73-76 In M. L. Niemiller and R. G. Reynolds (eds.), The amphibians of Tennessee. The University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville. 369 pp.

Trousdale County

Anderson, M. A., J. R. Campbell, A. N. Carey, D. R.  Dodge, R. A. Johnson, E. R. Mattison, R. J. Seddon, N. L. Singer and B. T. Miller. 2012. Population survey of the Streamside Salamander, Ambystoma barbouri, in the Inner and Outer Nashville Basin of Middle Tennessee. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 87:76. (Abstract)

Wilson County

Niemiller, M. L., R. G. Reynolds, B. M. Glorioso, J. Spiess, and B. T. Miller.  2011.  Herpetofauna of the Cedar Glades and associated habitats of the Inner Central Basin of Middle Tennessee.  Herpetological Conservation and Biology 6:127-141.