The B.E.T.R. Laboratory

Biogeography, Environment, and Tree-ring Laboratory
at Austin Peay State University

Welcome to...

B.E.T.R. Lab (graphics by K.C. Phillips)

...the B.E.T.R. Laboratory. We are a newly established research unit within the Department of Geosciences at Austin Peay State University. Faculty and students in the B.E.T.R. Lab perform research in the fields of biogeography, dendrochronology, geospatial analysis, and environmental studies.


The B.E.T.R. Lab graduates two and has two new additions!

The B.E.T.R. Lab members had a very fruitful summer in terms of more

Students from Austin Peay State University, Department of Geosciences attend the 2009 North American Dendroecological Fieldweek in Amherst, more

The B.E.T.R. Lab assists Virginia Tech researchers at Berry College in Rome, more