With some imagination and a pun now and then, it is possible to use the names of elements as synonyms or substitutes for some phrases. So cesium your pen and fill in the blanks.

1. What doctors are for

2. Policeman

3. Have went (very poor grammar)

4. Indian funeral chant

5. A motto for a well digging company

6. Get him

7. Holmium x .5 =

8. Chemical apache

9. To press a shirt

10. Directed (past tense)

11. A kitchen work area with a drain

12. A ship's kitchen

13. The leg joint above the calf

14. What police do to a bookie joint

15. A cowboy's cry after successfully riding a bronco:

"I . . . "

16. An amusing prisoner

17. Ruler of Davey Jones locker

18. A large building used to store automobiles

19. The last words of a dying man

20. The Lone Ranger's horse

21. What is often done to stores during a riot

22. The name applied to a blond person from Sweden, Norway or Finland

23. What do you do before you brand a steer

24. The name of a red flower

25. A tomb

26. An officer in the army

27. Someone who gives to charity

28. Mickey Mouse's dog

29. A 2000 lb. casket

30. Element used in talking and chewing

31. A description of beautiful mountains

32. View by a boy whose name is Cal

33. What you do to steak when you barbeque

34. Cowhide used as a carpet (ion)

35. Funds from mother's sister

36. Opposite of hot

37. When you send junk to the land fill "you . . ."

38. The back of one's foot

39. A stomach-less creature

40. Speeders are caught on

41. The seventh planet

42. Last year's graduates

43. Something with a low I.Q.

44. When a farmer plants seeds he " . . . . "

45. To grab an object from someone