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 Attention:  There will not be a Montgomery County Science Fair in 2012. Dr. Sullivan is no longer director and I am no longer associated with this event. It has been replaced by "The Great STEM Challenge Exposition". More details can be found at

 The information below is for archival purposes only. I appreciate all the teachers, parents, and students who participated since 1993.  Ron Robertson - founder of the Montgomery County Science Fair

2011 Fair Information

Welcome! The Montgomery County Science Fair was a K-5 fair. The director at Austin Peay for the K-5 fair was Dr. Lisa Sullivan  in the chemistry department. Grade 6-12 projects were entered in the Middle TN Science and Engineering Fair (MTSEF). Ron Robertson is still the director of the MTSEF (the 6-12 fair).

Thanks to all those who participated in the 2011 fair.

 The awards list can be found at MCSF Project List - Winners.pdf

The rules for 2011

The 2011 fair will held on March 31 and April 1, 2011 in the Memorial Health Building (the Red Barn) on the Austin Peay campus. The awards ceremony is in the Dunn Center. These are the same locations as last year.

Quick facts - a one page summary of rules and regulations (pdf)  Read this carefully!

Guidelines  - a more in-depth discussion of the fair (pdf)

Using human subjects in your project? Look at these forms before you start experimentation. Get approved before you start!

Using possible disease-causing agents? This form must be approved before experimentation.

Using Vertebrate Animals? Get this form approved before you start experimenting.

Project entry form for county fair (pdf) (after you have been selected by your school you need to submit this form)

Driving directions to the fair and to the awards ceremony (pdf)


Parents, Teachers, and Students

Need help on a science fair project? Check out the presentation below from last year. (All the dates are for the 2010 fair but there is much good information about science fair projects)

Science Fair Community Workshop Presentation on 1/12/2010 at APSU (pdf)


Teacher Resources for 2011
 (MS Word doc files)

Letter to send home to school winners

Time line for coordinating elementary school fair

Initial note to send home advertising the school science fair

Reminder to send out about science fair at school


The Archives - Awards and Pictures from Previous Fairs

Awards List for Spring 2000

2001 Science Fair Program

Awards List for 2001 Fair

2002 Program and Awards List (pdf)

2003 Program and Awards List (pdf) 

Pictures of the 2003 Fair   

2004 Program and Awards List (pdf) 

2005 Program (pdf)

2005 Awards (pdf)

Pictures of the 2005 Fair

2006 Program and Awards (pdf)

2007 Program (pdf)

2007 Awards (pdf)

Pictures of the 2007 Fair

2008 Program (pdf)

2008 Awards (pdf)

2008 School point totals (pdf)

Pictures of the 2008 Fair

2009 Program (pdf)

2009 Awards (pdf)

Pictures of the 2009 Fair

2010 Awards (pdf)

Pictures of the 2010 Fair

2011 Awards (pdf)

Other Useful Sites and Helps

Science Fair Community Workshop Presentation on 1/12/2010 at APSU (pdf)

Science Buddies (great site for science fair project ideas)

Project Ideas

Middle TN Science and Engineering Fair Page 

Sample Project Presentation from Chem/Phys 1710 Class at APSU

The Gravity Song (fun song to sing around Christmas time)

Root Beer Recipe (one of Labman's favorite things to do)

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For more information about the K-5 Montgomery County Fair contact:

Lisa Sullivan, Chemistry Dept.
Austin Peay State University

For more information about the grades 6-12 fair (MTSEF) contact:

Ron Robertson, Chemistry Dept.
Austin Peay State University

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