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Spring 2008 T-shirt design contest

1. Votes should be sent via email to Dr. Brennan at

2. Only paid XEM members (local or ACS-SA) may vote.

3. We will only accept one vote per student AND email address.

4. Voting will be available from the date the T-shirt designs are posted until TBA

5. If there is a tie, a voting run-off will be held between those designs.

 Thanks for participating!

 Click on a design below to view

Genius Life of 2
Everything Chemistry Party
Life of  

Old T-shirt contest designs (spring 2007) - do not vote for these - only for reference

Design 1 Design 4 Design 7 Design 10
Design 2 Design 5 Design 8 Design 11
Design 3 Design 6 Design 9