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Hosted by Jim Thompson
MAY 18 - 21, 2000


Barry Stubbersfield
Author of several Barsoomiam pastiches, Barry is also a major fan and authority on Lee Falk's "the Phantom." Barry and wife, Sue (who reside in Australia), have been planning a trip to America for nearly a year. They will spend three weeks in the USA and Canada, from May 13 to June 8, visiting three Burroughs friends. Linda and I will be hosts for the first week including the ECOF weekend of Thursday, May 18 through Sunday, May 21.



Mary Burroughs

Wife of the late John Coleman Burroughs.  Mary was first introduced to ERB fandom briefly at the 1999 Dum-Dum in Los Angeles.  Mary will be featured in a panel presentation where she will relate memories of her life in the Burroughs extended family and will discuss John Coleman Burroughs, the artist.  We hope she will be able to present a slide show of some of his works.  Mary will be accommpanied by her daughter, Stacy.

Comic Artist Tom Yeates

"Artist on 15 Tarzan comics in the 90's." Please visit Tom's websiteat


Map of Clarksville, TN Clarksville is located just south of the Kentucky border, approximately 60 miles northwest of Nashville International Airport or 45 miles NW of downtown Nashville on Interstate 24. There are no direct flights by major airlines to Clarksville, so plan on flying to Nashville. There is an airport shuttle bus that runs hourly from the Nashville airport to various pickup/destination points in Clarksville.   Shuttle cost is approximately $20 one-way.  I also hope there will be some volunteers among attendees with automobiles to offer some rides to and from the airport. Clarksville is on Central Time.

Clarksville, TN and Vicinity Links


The Moon Men, Ace Books, cover by Frank FrazettaBecause "Jim Thompson" is a character in The Moon Men, one of the stories comprising Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Moon Maid, I have opted for a lunar theme for ECOF 2000. I am soliciting contributions of art, pastiche, poem, critique or other scholarly article about some aspect of The Moon Maid, The Moon Men or The Red Hawk stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs for use in materials to be assembled for ECOF 2000 attendees. Full credit for the submission and my heartfelt thanks will be your reward for participating!


Click here for details.


We plan three panels:  on Tarzan Comics, SF novels with Invasions from the Moon theme (because ECOF 2000 takes THE MOON MAID trilogy as its theme), and a panel on advice on collecting ERB and ERB collections.   There is some interest in a celebration of the Old Farts of ERB fandom, and I believe Bill Ross may be featured there.

I also hope for a Jetan tournament and some play of the John Carter of Mars game.

There will be an auction (to benefit me in helping to defray the costs of ECOF 2000).  You may donate some items to the auction or enter items and give a 10% fee to ECOF 2000.  

Also look for a commemorative t-shirt, buttons, the ECOF 2000 CD-ROM, and perhaps a few other goodies.

The typical huckster room, Friday evening BBQ at my place, Saturday banquet, and farewell Sunday breakfast are all in the works.  No charge for settng up a table in the huckster room.


I am seeking volunteers to chair and/or participate in panels or presentations. The panels and presentation topics are not restricted to the theme of "The Moon Maid," but may be about anything Burroughsian. Feel free to discuss the coming ECOF 2000 on the Burroughs lists (ERBCOF-L or ERBList). I am particularly interested in discussion of how to create a history of Burroughs fandom and formalize honors for noteworthy fans of the past and present. Submissions based on the "The Moon Maid" theme are desired for inclusion in the materials to be produced for ECOF 2000.

Dennis Wilcutt has offered to help coordinate ECOF 2000. Any additional volunteers will be most welcome and appreciated. Send email to Jim Thompson at if you are interested.


Hachland Hall sign

Hachland Hall Bed & Breakfast, is located a few miles from my home in Clarksville.  We will have the entire facility at our disposal.  See details.


Located at the University of Louisville, The ERB Memorial Collection is a 3 hour drive north into Kentucky. While I anticipate that George McWhorter will be at ECOF 2000 in Clarksville on the ECOF weekend, I would imagine he will be available at the library before and after the event to welcome visitors.  Please give him some advance notice if you wish to include the UL ERB collection in your trip.  Several fans who attend ECOF 2000 plan to visit George on the Monday following the event.  Louisville is on Eastern Time.

I would particularly call your attention to Metropolis, Illinois, approximately 3 hours drive west of Clarksville, which is home to a major Superman museum and has a huge Superman statue in its town square.  You can find riverboat casino gambling there too, but wouldn't you rather spend your loose change at the ECOF 2000 auction?

Nashville offers a wide variety of attractions ranging from historical to musical as well as attractions found in most large cities. For more information, visit The Nashville Net homepage.

 For more information on the origins of ECOF, view Jim Thompson's ERBCOF-L web site. I hope you will join us in Clarksville in May of 2000.

Best Wishes, Jim

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